How People Use a Clothes Steamer to Save up Time

How to Use a Clothes Steamer (The Right Way)

It is not a secret; ironing is staying behind as new tendencies are popping up.

A clothes steamer is proving why technology is making our lives even easier in our day-to-day, and that includes getting rid of the terrible wrinkles that our clothes may have during laundry or worn out. If you did not know it, a clothes steamer is one of the easiest ways to remove wrinkles from all kind of fabrics.

These are one of the reasons you might prefer to switch garment steamer over a traditional iron:

Saves you time

If you have ironed a shirt in some point in your life, then you know how hard and time-demanding it’s to make all wrinkles disappear and make that shirt look evenly smooth everywhere.

When you iron any kind of fabric, you need to be careful in not making contact with part of the fabrics that are not wrinkled at all. If you touch a smooth zone with the hot surface, you will screw it up and leave some wrinkles all over the place.  Ironing all over again is not funny and time-consuming.

In addition, in order to iron every kind of fabric properly, we’d need to an ironing board or at least a robust table. Preparing all the necessary room to unfold the table or the robust table requires lots of time. Something clothes steamers have left in the past, as steamers work with fabric hung by clothespins.

So let’s re-think about it for a second: We are saving time with equipment, by simplifying the process and saving time with the efficient steam attacking wrinkles vs the iron.

The technology which every clothes steamer has been a grant to is capable of relaxing the inner fibers inside all type of fabrics. Acting deep inside on them and have their original position and making all the wrinkles disappear.

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It’s funnier and cooler 

Ironing is easily one of the most stressful tasks on any household. That’s arguably the most hated process of any laundry process and that’s the reason why millions of people across the world pay exclusively to get their clothes wrinkle-free. In fact, you must know at least one person paying someone else to iron their clothes.

Getting rid of wrinkles has never been so easy and funny because a handheld device shooting up steam through its nozzle is way funnier than just moving back & forth the heavy and clumsy iron.

Something people will love the most about steaming their clothes is the fact you and your clothes cannot get burn due the heat production. You will feel the heat, but it won’t be enough to harm you nor your clothes, so it’s a game changer.

The heat produced by any clothes steamer is subtle enough to relax the inner fibers of your clothing and leaving them completely wrinkle-free without making any harm. Even the most delicate fabrics are not susceptible to heat produced by steam, but there are some exceptions. (Especially plastic fabrics, watch out)

A steamer is more portable

One of the main features and why a clothes steamer has substituted a traditional iron is due portability.

Clothes steamers were created to originally suit all people needs when traveling. As we constantly travel and our clothes get wrinkles, looking for a laundry or iron in the middle of nowhere or a strange city seems unpractical. Well, the market is always creating solutions for us, and the solution to unpractical situations like these was a portable and convenient garment steamer.

In fact, regardless of the brand, capacity, power and all those fancy specifications, any garment steamer will fit in your purse, backpack and even luggage. They are compact and designed to be portable, so you can carry it with you every time, no matter where you going.

Of course, you can carry an iron with you during your trip, but I bet you couldn’t do the same with the ironing table you need to make it work. In fact, ironing is an old-fashioned method that has no advantages at all.

In order to use your best clothes steamer, you only need water to fill the tank, plug in it and clothespin you can find in any hotel or accommodation. Easy, fast and convenient.

Cheaper than an iron

Yes, there are clothes steamers way more expensive than any other iron. But we are talking about fancy brands, models and needless features.

At the end of the day, if you want an excellent garment steamer with a huge price-value, then Turbo Steam is your best option, as it’s packed with all the power you need to make all wrinkles disappear regardless of the fabric and with a fantastic price tag.

It’s cheaper than a good and comfortable iron from known brands, and it ends up delivering better results overall. Fewer wrinkles, fewer efforts and less harm toward your fabrics, it seems like a no-brainer, right?

On top of that, you will be saving resources because you wouldn’t have to spend lots of money on a needless ironing board and so on.

After all these reason are you still hesitating about switching your iron for a clothes steamer? You must be nutts!

Stop Making Harm Toward your Fabrics

Did you even know that traditional irons may harm your fabrics if you don’t do it carefully? Yes, it’s not a secret that the hot temperature irons got while turned on may scorch and burn some inner fibers of your fabric.

In fact, an iron is a handheld device that transfers heat from its almost triangular shaped surface directly on to a garment. As you need to press the clothing against a flat material like a table with the heated part of your iron, you will provoke scorching, unlike steamers. That exact same hot surface may scorch your fabric if it’s on high temperature or if you accidentally leave your iron some seconds more sitting on your clothing.

By the other hand, clothes steamers have got a temperature control dial for many types of fabrics that will make all wrinkles disappear giving you peace of mind your clothes will be all right.

Steam by itself is incapable of doing any harm toward your fabrics (excepting for plastic ones), and that’s why many people prefer to buy a clothes steamer over an iron. It’s easier, more convenient and healthier for your fabrics.

Remember, you are paying way less than what you would pay if you choose a clothes steamer, plus you will be protecting your clothes and preventing them from getting scorch and you will increase its durability a few years more. Also, a steamer is lightweight and extremely portable.

Millions of households have switched for a steamer and have recycled their iron because once you have used a steamer; there is no way back to using a clumsy and heavy handheld device such as an iron.

How Does the Technology of Turbo Steam Works?

We’ve discussed almost everything regarding clothes steamers, but we haven’t discussed how the technology of Turbo Steam works…

As any other reliable and top-notch steamer in the market, Turbo Steam makes use of water as a primal resource of its steam. As you probably know, steam is made up with water, or at least the water turns into steam when it’s heated up to water’ boiling point –which is 100 degrees-

The water that will be turned into its gas phase –steam– will be poured into the water tank located at the top of Turbo Steam. Once it’s heated up, after 45 seconds it will be ready to emit steam through its head nozzle. The steam emits from its nozzle will be triggered by a button/switch located on the grip of Turbo Steam, pointing the desired wrinkle and make it disappear in a matter of seconds.

As you can tell, the functioning is straightforward. It’s basically heating up water, pressing the trigger and letting the steam do its work in a few seconds. A no-brainer, something virtually everybody may comprehend.

Turbo Steam and all clothes steamers work through electricity. That means you won’t find a portable steamer with batteries or something similar. All of them will be electrically powered, so every of them have to be plugged in in order to work. Steamers are pretty safe to use, whether it’s unplugged in it or using it to make your closet wrinkle-free. Even a child may use it without worries.

Is it a Clothes Steamer Dangerous?

The best part about a clothes steamer is probably its safeness to use, unlike ironing that may burn fabrics and even your fingers. It’s like some kind of weird tradition, if you have ironed once in your life, then you are more likely to have burnt yourself during an iron session. Only if you have been burnt by an iron, you know how dangerous and especially painful those kinds of burns may be.

So, many would be asking; is steaming safer than ironing?

Yup. In fact, it’s so safe to use that it’s almost impossible to get a burn from direct contact with the skin. The same happens with your fabrics.

Steaming doesn’t scorch your clothes. Remember that the max temperature output by Turbo Steam is 100 degree which is the boiling point of water. That temperature works deep down on the inner fibers of your garment, penetrating and relaxing the fibers to come back to its original position.

It’s 100% safe to use under any circumstance.

Only cases where Ironing is better than Steaming

You might be saying: ‘‘what? It’s no possible irons won’t be used anymore, that’s no fair!’’

It’s not fair, you are right and that’s true. Irons probably will exist forever due to the following reasons:

  • Irons are better for clothes with creases.
  • Irons are better on heavy-duty task.
  • Iron produces more heat, so it’s better on certain occasions.
  • As most of us, you have personal choices and tastes that guide your actions. You probably will find better/comfortable/convenient to use an iron with certain fabrics.