How to Buy the Best Steam Cleaner- Steam Cleaner Buyer Guide

How to Buy the Best Steam Cleaner- Steam Cleaner Buyer Guide

So, are you looking for a new handheld device that helps you get rid of your wrinkles? Well, you are in a very good place because in this section you will find anything you need to know about steam cleaner in 2019:

It doesn’t scorch fabrics

The common belief is steam can be as dangerous as an iron. Some people even say it can be even more dangerous than ironing due to its high-temperature.

Something is what most people believe in, but the reality is different. Steaming is the process of heating water up until its boiling points and turns it into steam, the natural shape on water on temperatures above 90 degrees. In fact, these are temperatures below most of the commercial iron, thus eliminating any odds of scorching either yourself of your fabrics.

That’s why people are using a steam cleaner over an iron. It’s safer for your fabrics and skin, make you save lots of time and energy offering incredible results.

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Quicker results

Ironing uses the direct contact of both surfaces (fabric and iron) against a solid ironing table to apply pressure and make the creases disappear. Something that worked out for many decades, but as days go by, technology is delivering us better ways to do normal things. Just like ironing, technology has proven steaming is a better way to get that wrinkle-free wardrobe everybody wants!

Ironing was innovative and a solution to persistent and deep wrinkles that appeared in our clothes. However, in our modern days, working hard is no longer necessary as we have been granted with lots of technologies that have made our life easier than ever before.

Take steaming as an example: Before invented, people would be forced to move their iron back and forth for hours and hours. This is, of course, will leave you exhausted at least and with luck, with little pain all over your body.

Those days are over; steamer cleaner is a more efficient method to make your fabrics look rejuvenated and consuming at least half of the time.

Steam acts directly in the inner fibers located deep down on your fabric, relaxing them and making them come back to their original position. Results are in a matter of seconds and you don’t need to iron the entire fabric, just the part with wrinkles.

Even the deepest and heaviest creases are relaxed and steamed within a few seconds, without needing to treat the entire fabric.

It’s cooler and funnier

You will remember this article when you use a steam cleaner for a first time. It’s fun, fast and overall, an amazing experience that will turn the boring traditional of ironing into a funny and enjoyable experience.

It’s a lightweight handheld device compared to an iron –an iron will double and even triple the weight of a steamer– making in more fun, less exhausting and definitely not a painful experience.

In addition, it’s so fun and interesting that I have not worries about making my wrinkles disappear. Even my children enjoy a lot using the steam cleaner because it is really safe and I have taught them how to use the device responsibly. They feel like in space with a cool device that launch steam thought a trigger.

Imagine if our children feel that way, then the experience must be fun, doesn’t it?

It is because wrinkles go away in no time and the entire process of using a trigger is funnier and easier than moving an iron back and forth over and over.

It’s another thing, definitely a steam cleaner has changed the way we normally get rid of wrinkles.

It doesn’t require skills

If you have ever taken an iron in your life, then you better than anyone else know how difficult it’s to iron an entire shirt without messing up other parts that are not wrinkled. That’s something you must master, but a steam cleaner is way easier and requires zero skills.

Operating a steamer is completely different than iron as both use different principles. Iron transfers heat through direct contact and steam –in some cases- while steamers use steam inches away from the fabric.

You won’t mess up more other parts of fabrics with steamers as you are not doing contact directly with it. So basically, it’s impossible to miss the goal and give your fabrics that fresh and smooth look they deserve.

You cannot believe me? Just look how to steam your clothes in a few steps:

  1. Take the desired fabric and hang it from a clothespin for better reach and comfort.
  2. Make sure you are not crossing or tangling the steamer
  3. Apply steam directly on the wrinkles without making direct contact, just put the steamer a few inches away and see how the steam make all creases go away.

Why Do I Need to Buy a Steam Cleaner?

The answer is really simple: you will save time, money and reduce the number of fabrics your ruin up using dangerous irons.

You need to buy a steam cleaner right now because it’s proven that iron is one of the worst ways to make your clothing look fresh and smooth. You don’t want to keep scorching your favorite fabrics, spend hours and hours ironing piles of clothing and you don’t want to be an old-fashioned householder with an iron.

Millions and millions of householders and travelers are using steamers and are replacing their iron.

People don’t like to hard work while they can work smart. Do you see the difference? The results might be equal, but the efforts will be drastically different from one to another.

The key and why a steam cleaner is becoming so popular is because you don’t need to work hard and scorch anything to get that wrinkle-free wardrobe you’ve always dreamed about.

What about Irons? They will remain in the oblivion

Irons are part of our history as humanity; they will remain in the market because they also offer some features a steamer don’t.

People still use them. The fact they are no longer popular doesn’t mean people don’t love traditions and the fancy way to do normal things like making their clothes look fresh. However, it’s a minority of traditional people and stubborn ones. My mom always says that ironing is better, faster and irreplaceable –even though I finish half the time than her-

Nonetheless, she is right with something. Ironing is way better with heavy-duty tasks and with fabrics with lots of creases as they provide higher temperatures and pressure against a table.

Things you need to know about steam cleaners

  • They are not as expensive as people tend to believe. Yes, they are not as expensive as you think; they are even in the same price range than some irons. Also, it depends whether you are looking for a handheld device or a stand upright device for your home.
  • They are pretty portable: If you have chosen a steam cleaner such as Turbo Steam then chances are you can carry it with you whenever you want. A portable steamer like Turbo Steam fits everywhere, even in a purse or a backpack.
  • They are lightweight: They are pretty small you are right, but they are also really lightweight, especially when the water tank is empty. You don’t want to travel with your steamer’ water tank filled up anyways.
  • You will look cool: Any housekeeper will look sexy and cooler with a handheld device that emits steam, that’s true. Well, you cannot say everybody in this world looks cool while ironing their t-shirt.
  • They are perfect for all kind of fabrics: One of the biggest misconceptions is that steamers work only on delicate fabrics such as silk. This is far from the truth, as steam has proven to be equally effective in all kind of fabrics, whether they are delicate or rough fabrics.
  • They come out with one temperature: One of the greatest features is the fact you can easily graduate the temperature you want for your steam. Different fabrics require different temperatures to relax their inner fibers faster and better.
  • You substitute the heavy ironing board: Let’s be honest, we cannot say what the worst parts of ironing are: carrying around with a heavy board, scorching our hands and fabric or moving back and forth that heavy iron for hours.

Is a Steam Cleaner Right For Me?

At the end of the day, what is good for you and your needs is probably not the best for the needs of somebody else. All needs are different and we all have a different need, that’s why probably you should evaluate first whether you need a steam cleaner or no. Forget about the marketing hype and don’t be swayed by it.

The idea is a small, portable steamer that rapidly smoothest out fabrics on the hanger is tempting, but it’s not as easy as you think.

Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a Steamer:

  • Steamers are not as powerful as regular irons, and not cheaper (necessarily)
  • Steamers are not that great idea with heavy-duty task as the water tank run out within minutes of constant steaming.
  • It’s really hard to treat wrinkles located on edges, buttons, creases and more ‘‘hard’’ spots.
  • Some of them spill water, so don’t expect perfect results and using the fabrics immediately after as some fabrics will get a spill of water.

Reasons why you should buy a Steamer:

  • You can easily steam fabrics hanged on the clothespin, unlike ironing that needs a heavy ironing board.
  • They are perfect for light task or one person’ laundry.
  • They are lightweight and pretty small, they can be carried around the world in a backpack.
  • Steam may be gentler on your clothes than regular ironing.
  • Steam can also refresh and sanitize your fabrics while removing creases.