5 Best Fabric Steamers of 2019 – Review and Comparisons

5 Best Fabric Steamers Review and Comparisons

Then, you are probably looking for a Brand-new handheld device that will make the task of getting rid of wrinkles a hassle-free process. At the end of the day, you are making your own research of what were the 10 best fabric steamers of 2019 to avoid using your iron again.

That’s cool; it’s proven that ironing may harm your fabric – and we are not speaking about how stressful and difficult it is-

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Well, this is the list of best fabric steamer of 2019:

1. Turbo Steam

Come on, we all know this is the handheld device every householder and traveler wants in his power. It’s powerful, make all wrinkles disappear in a matter of seconds, regardless of how deep they are and guess what? It has one of the price-value of the list. This means you facing a really cheap product offering outstanding results.

It’s a handheld device, which means you can carry it literally to everywhere you want. It fits incredibly well everywhere you decide to throw it up, even if it’s on your bag, purse or luggage. Definitely one of the smallest on this list, but still a reliable and powerful choice.

The Turbo Steam produces up to 0,25 hours of steam per tank. However, once the tank is empty, you can easily refill it to keep steaming your fabrics.

Its popularity is where this steamer flaws a little. It’s kind of a new, but rocketing company doing the right things and proving everybody wrong.

2. Conair Smart Travel Steamer

This steamer is tied with Turbo Steam; they are really similar in terms of specs, price, and features. However, Turbo Steam has a more affordable price with is easily seen as a better quality product. This handheld device has been bought for thousands of customer around the globe because it’s cheap and gets the job done pretty well.

Conair Steamer has minimal size too, as well as Turbo Steam, they fit almost everywhere and it’s probably smaller than Turbo Steam. However, both of them will make the ‘‘traveler steamer dream’’ possible, and you will be able to carry them everywhere you want with ease.

In terms of efficiency, this model of fabric steamer has a production of up to 0,25 hours of steam time; exactly similar than Turbo Steam, but you can refill the water tank to still shooting steam for much longer.

3. Epica Fabric Steamer

If you want a popular product that everybody knows, everybody has and everybody has used, then you can look at the Epica Fabric Steamer. However, these facts don’t mean this is a better product than those mentioned above. Something can be popular, but it doesn’t mean it will necessarily be good.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great handheld device to steaming your fabrics and make them wrinkles-proof. However, there are better options, with a better price and consistent results.

The size of Epica Fabric Steamer is something to bear in mind, as it’s one of the smallest of this list. So, if you are neglecting potency a little bit, and you want something light-weight you can carry it with you, you shouldn’t look forward.

In terms of efficiency, this is where things get tricky. Models explained above as Turbo Steam has up to 0,25 steam production, whereby Epica Fabric Steamer produces 0,20 of steam.

4. PureSteam Fabric Steamer

This is the kind of product that does a great job overall, but lack of popularity. That’s it, PureStem Fabric Steamer is one of the best Fabric Steamers of 2019, but Turbo Steam is miles away and we are going to tell you why. Everybody loves PureSteam, but only a few have bought one of these handheld devices, which is something really odd.

In fact, this fabric steamer will make all the pile of clothing in your house look in pristine condition, like new, without a single wrinkle or creases on it. However, this is not a perfect product, and it lacks enough steam production to keep delivering consistent results as the first ones on this list. It has only 0.1 steam productions, which is less than half of the first ones on this list.

In terms of size, PureSteam is probably the smallest. It looks small and it fits almost everywhere, without exception, where any other handheld steamer fits, this will fit.

Its popularity is not that great, which means you will find amazing deals.

5. Jiffy Fabric Steamer

The popularity of this product has arisen in the last months, but this doesn’t mean it is the best in the market. When it comes to a steamer, all we want is a comfortable handheld device that fits everywhere, has enough potency against all kind of creases and offers amazing portability. Jiffy Fabric Steamer is the perfect example of a well-rounded product, but with an elevated price tag.

Turbo Steamer and Conair offer the same professional results as Jiffy, but they cost way cheaper, which is a no-brainer decision.

In fact, you can expect the exact same experience for one product to another without noticing the extra pennies you have spent on some of them. What is the point of paying more, for something that does exactly the same?

Yes, it’s really portable, amongst the smaller in this list and it has a cool design, though. It seems a little bit weaker or inferior in term of materials and built-quality as it seen delicate.

What is the Best Industrial Clothes Steamer in the Market?

Where heavy-duty tasks are, a reliable and professional clothes steamer needs to be on-hand. There are a few things a handheld device cannot do, one of those things are:

  • Maximum steam production. Handheld devices offer plenty of steam for simple tasks like eliminating creases from clothes and fabrics. However, when you need to eliminate wrinkles from a pile of clothing and apply steam to different purposes and more, a handheld device will leave you short off quickly.
  • Specialty Use. An industrial clothes steamer may be applicable for different tasks. At the end of the day, you will be getting a device that will help you with more than just wrinkles. You can use it to minimize the presence of allergies and asthma, automotive vinyl and tint removal, carpet installations and upholstery care.
  • Comfortable sessions: A handheld device such as the Turbo Steam will shoot steam through its head nozzle to make all wrinkles disappear in a matter of seconds. It’s lightweight and all that stuff, but after a while, your wrist and hands will feel the fatigue. An industrial fabric steamer offers you a more comfortable and lightweight hose to extend those sessions to the maximum without any sign of fatigue.
  • More water: Handheld devices have water tanks of maximum 100 ml, which means that it will heat up and consume really fast. Most people buy commercial fabric steamers because they may not heat up as fast as handheld devices because they large larger tanks.
  • Refilling doesn’t need shutting down the machine: Some professional garment steamer offers you the opportunity to expand your streaming session as long as you want. If refilling is necessary, many devices allow you to refill the device directly without shutting it down and start all over again.
  • More watts: Typically, a handheld device is packed up with a maximum of 800 watts of power under the hood. However, this may seem little for heavy users, and that’s why floor fabric garments double the number of watts to a minimum of 1200-1500 watts.

These are the best industrial fabric steamer for your house:

1. US Steam ES1900 Premium Fabric Steamer

It doesn’t matter where you are going to use your steamer; it may be a restaurant, a hotel or even your own house. This professional steamer comes with tons of accessories to tackle even the toughest task with ease.

  • Automatic Shut-Off features when water tank is empty.
  • Pressure Gauge
  • 1600 watts of power
  • Operating pressure of 4,5 bars / 68 PSI.
  • Temperature of 316 degrees
  • Holds 3 liters of water
  • Steam control feature

2. Sargent Steam Cleaner

You are looking for amazing price-value product that works either in a commercial background, a hospital and even cars, and then Sargent Steam Cleaner is your choice. Let’s take a look at what does this steamer has for us:

  • 1450 watts of power.
  • Detachable 8-foot steam hose.
  • 20 years of life expectancy.
  • More than a dozen of accessories.
  • It cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes in one operation, thanks to the fume-free feature.
  • Weights just 15 lbs.

3. EV1 Enviromate Cleaner

If you want a professional fabric steamer that also works as a vacuum, them it’s time to look at the Reliable Enviromate EV1 Tandem. A powerful machine that works as a cleaner, and as a vacuum extracting steam residues from all surfaces.

  • Light and sound warning for low water level.
  • Packaged with 1700 wats of power.
  • Produces 302-320 degrees F in the boiler and 245 degrees F at the tip.
  • Refillable 1,8 L water tank for automatic refill.
  • Adjustable steam pressure.
  • Built-in HEPA filter traps.
  • Removable and portable dirty water tank
  • 7,2-foot steam hose

What Liquid Can I Add to a Clothing Steamer?

The water tank that comes with every steamer and iron must be fulfilled exclusively by water. There is no point or sense on using any additive besides water, excepting for a perfume just for smell purposes. That’s because the steam is so effective, that just by penetrating the fabrics with a beam of steam it will relax all kind of creases, even the most water-repellent one.

Remember; use just water, and limit yourself to use anything else excepting for a delicious fragrance you want to add to your fabric.

Question: What Liquid Can I Add to a Clothing Steamer?

Answers: Just water

Optional: Use a fragrance for an irresistible and delicious aroma.

Adding anything else than water and a fragrance will do nothing but damaging your fabric, your steamer and even harming yourself. Limit yourself to use your water with a fragrance because there is nothing else you might add to improve results in the slightest.

Do you want to something about?

A simple trick you can use to improve results and do something more to steam your fabric is simple adding distilled water, with no additions.  Adding other kind of substances will risk of damaging the mechanism of the appliance and ruining your fabric steamer temporarily or permanently.

Read the instructions really carefully. Most appliances that create steam rely solely on 100% clean water, with no additions.