The Best Way to Get Rid of Wrinkles

The Best Way to Get Rid of Wrinkles

In every household around the globe, one of the most irritating tasks is getting rid of the wrinkles you may find on clothes. Everyone has his own reasons to need a device made for wrinkle-free results, but in this time we are going to explain the best way to get rid of wrinkles and what kind of device do you need.

Heat is wrinkle’s ‘‘worst enemy’’. This means that even the shortest amount of time under heat can make your clothes’ wrinkles disappear.

But, how we do transfer heat to the surface of our clothes without damaging them? Well, you’ve probably heard about irons and garment steamer.

Yes, we all know how the traditional ironworks –even though, we are going to explain it later-, but what we are trying to explain to you is why you should avoid irons and stick with cutting-edge garment steamers.

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Traditional Irons

Ironing is cool, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing more traditional than ironing entire piles of clothes. However, if you have ironed at least once in your life, better than anyone you know how tiring, difficult and frustrating this is.

Ironing requires skills because if you don’t know how to use your iron properly, then you will be creating more wrinkles than those you are disappearing.

Traditions are meant to be kept, and that’s why irons won’t disappear as they are one of the most important devices ever existed on any household. However, nobody can deny how hassle-free and fast a garment steamer it’s when it comes to making any wrinkles disappear from any fabric.

Ironing is really effective with heavy-duty projects or heavy fabrics.

So, what’s wrong with our traditional iron?

Lots of things, these are the reason why people don’t longer use irons anymore:

  • They are dangerous, you can easily make a mistake a burn your fingers, hands and even clothes.
  • They are heavy and after long ironing sessions, you will be exhausted.
  • They do produce steam, but indirectly. Some model does use steam in a similar manner than a steamer.
  • The heat production is transferred to a hot surface, something too hot for certain fabrics.
  • If you are distracted at least 5 seconds, you can be sure you’ll burn your fabric.
  • Time-effort is ridiculous. A garment steamer offers better results half of the time and with less effort.
  • They are some kind outdated. People move on, we want easier lives and a garment steamer will make your life easier in a lot of ways!

Garment Steamers

Garment steamers were like a smartphone when they came out to the market. In a way that many households changed their minds forever when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles in a more efficient, effortless and dynamic way.

These cutting-edge devices use the same principles of iron, but without the negatives of it.

We have already explained heat is transferred directly through the almost triangle-shape of the iron to the fabric. This action may scorch your fabrics, as you are not using steam which is delicate and penetrates deep in the inner fibers. Unlike clothes steamers, irons heat up their surface and then it needs to be pressed against your clothes to make wrinkles disappear. Steamers use a trigger which let you control the amount of steam you want to apply your clothes, there is no need to risk your fabrics using an iron.

A garment steamer is still a handheld device, but lightweight compared to iron. Also, it’s impossible to damage clothes using steam because it doesn’t have enough temperature to scorch most of the fabrics.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t have caution and you will be steaming even clothes of your boy’ toys. There some exceptions where a garment steamer can be a really bad idea, even though irons might be even more harmful to your fabrics.

The only fabrics you won’t be able to steam nor iron are plastic fabrics of all type. Look at your clothes’ etiquette and see by yourself if they can receive heat prior using an iron or a steamer.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about it 99% of the time. Almost every single clothes are made with steamtable fabrics, as plastic fabrics are really not common in today’s fashion.

What People Love the Most About Garment Steamers?

  • How easy it is to use, even a child can make it work without harming himself. You only fill the water tank with water, plug it in, and wait 40 seconds until it’s heated up. Press the trigger and in a matter of seconds, you will see that wrinkle disappear.
  • How safe it is. It’s impossible to burn yourself with steam. It gets hot but doesn’t harm your skin.
  • It delicately penetrates deep in the inner fibers, relaxing them and makes them return to their original position.
  • Unlike ironing, you don’t need to have experience or a painful experience to make wrinkles disappear. A garment steamer is hand downs the best and fastest way to make any wrinkle disappear.

Top Tips to Use Your Clothes Steamer Properly

So, have you decided to buy a brand new Clothes steamer for this New Year and stop having that wardrobe full of wrinkles? Those are really good news as you will be saving money, time and burns in either your skin of your fabric.

Well, whether if you have bought it one or you planning into buying one these are the tips you want to know since your first day steaming:

1. Position your body correctly

Pay attention where the hose is, where you are standing at and where are the clothes you want to steam. Make sure the hose doesn’t get a fold, crossed or double crosses; it can make you fall or even a malfunction. Use one hand to hold the handheld device and steam and the other hand to hold the clothes.

2. Technique

Even though we are going to get rid of wrinkles, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to use our steamer as an iron. Don’t press the garment steamer as an iron; you will be leaving watermarks everywhere. Instead, try to lean it and leave a little gap between the steamer and the head nozzle and the fabric.

3. Extend the pole completely and don’t hurt your back

Fully extend the pole coming with your steamer and avoid getting uncomfortable position for too long. Steamers have their own extension pole that works for you, so you don’t need a table or clothespin.

4. Go slow, don’t skip anything

Dancing around your clothes with your steamer on won’t make all creases disappear. Everything takes times, go slowly and try to steam your entire clothing with care and really slow, so even the deepest wrinkles will vanish.

5. Use your accessories

Well, for something there are so many accessories included in most of the steamers in the market. Most of them have accessories for preventing your hand getting burn, reaching parts of the fabrics you normally wouldn’t reach and so on. Make the best use of them and don’t hesitate on adding them to your steaming session.

Will I Save Money with a Garment Steamer?

The answer is yes and no.

At first, obviously, you are going to waste money by buying a garment steamer. In the long run, things change immediately because you will start saving money and time.

However, if you haven’t bought an iron yet, then it will be cheaper to buy the best clothes steamer directly. Most of the time, prices are equal so it doesn’t matter whether you decided to buy an iron or a garment steamer. Both are valued the same, but definitely, steamers are more price-value.

Yes, you will save lots of money.

Do you want to know why you are going to save lots of money? Because a steamer won’t ruin your clothes so you won’t have to buy new clothes or try to repair the damage you would do with an iron or laundry.

Also, we are skipping details. Remember in order to iron properly and take full advantage of your iron, you will need an iron table and that means another expense along with buying a new iron.

Cheaper than laundry

For those who like to bring their clothes to a laundry or pay someone else to iron your clothes, then you will feel relief because it’s a huge saving for your pocket since day 1. Laundries are absurdly expensive, and paying to someone else to come home and make the hard work for you is also expensive as well.

A garment steamer is a single payment of a hundred dollars (approximately for entry models) vs $20-30 you will pay to the person iron your clothes just once. So, we don’t need to be a genius here, the saving is impressive and the end of the year, you will have more money sitting in your bank account.

How do I Choose a Reliable Garment Steamer?

Everything above has probably convinced you on getting a garment steamer, doesn’t it?

Well, we all want to have more time for things that have more importance in our lives. We want to have more freedom and a hassle-free method to make all creases disappear. That’s why people are buying garment steamers over irons; they are better, cheaper and safer.

However, in order to buy the right steamer for you, you need to evaluate these things:

How you will use a steamer?

There are two types of steamers: the steamer you can carry around and even put into a backpack for traveling and the one which sits on the laundry room stand upright. Some garment steamers are handheld and others stand upright.

Do you need more portability?

A handheld device such as Turbo Steam is a perfect steamer with enough power to make all wrinkles disappear, regardless of how deep it’s or what kind of fabric. This steamer fits well on purses, backpacks and even luggage. They are the way to go for something you can carry with you all the times.

Do you need more power and comfort?

The upright steamer sits on the floor, they are not that easily transportable as the handheld devices. However, this is translated into more power, more accessories and generally, more positive experience when steaming lots of clothes.