How to Choose the Best Steamer in the Market

If you are looking for an affordable, but reliable handheld fabric steamer in the market, you’ve got a bunch of different options. But, the best steamer has not competitors…

TurboSteam Handheld Steamer for Clothes & Fabrics – Multi-Use, 850W Powerful, Portable Travel Steamer & Sanitizer – 45s Fast Heat-up with Auto Turn-Off for Household Cleaning, Speedy Wrinkle Releas

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  • POWERFUL RESULTS - Most handheld steamers don't pack enough of a punch to really iron and clean clothes. But TurboSteam's handheld steamer for clothes always gets the job done! Our steamer combines impressive 850watt power with maximum efficiency to quickly remove even the worst wrinkles.
  • SAFE ON ALL FABRICS, EVEN SILK - Worried about damaging your clothes while removing their wrinkles? No need to fear when you have the TurboSteam mini steamer in hand! It's 100% safe on all fabrics, including, but not limited to silk, cotton, polyester, delicate items, wool, curtains, bedding, and much more!
  • EASY ON, EASY OFF - We know laundry gets tedious. That's why our iron steamers are ready to use within 45 seconds. Plus, each steamer comes with a built-in sensor that detects when it's not in use and shuts off the steamer automatically! Save time and energy while ensuring safe usage with our auto-off feature.
  • HOME & AWAY - Whether you're in the comfort of your own home or a busy traveler out on the road, TurboSteam works wherever you are! Your lightweight steamer for cleaning is compact and lightweight for packable portability you'll be able to take everywhere.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! - For our patented design to quality customer service, at TurboSteam we want the very best for your and your fabrics. Your clothing steamer comes with a 36-month quality assured warranty, so you can release wrinkles AND stress!

Getting rid of wrinkles is one of the most annoying things when travelling. But a good steamer for clothes will fix this in a matter of seconds.

It’s hard at first to find an excellent product, with reliable support and rated positively amongst other users with an affordable price tag. However, finding a reliable and powerful steamer at a compelling price-value is possible. We are going to list down things you need to know to choose the best steamer for you:

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Let’s be honest, one of the hottest features of any fabric steamer in the market is how compact-sized and portable they are. Most of us use these things to travel abroad and locally, and they need to be durable. So, our next steamer needs to be as portable as any other thing in your luggage or backpack.

A handheld steamer weight standard’ nowadays is between 1-3 pounds. Just imagine carrying around with something heavier than that, it’d end up in a pain in our backs. So, remember that weight is one of the most important aspects of any clothes steamer.

Take the Turbo Steam as a consideration. It weighs just 1.1 pounds and it can be carried away in any travel bag, purse and even bag pack. Completely designed to fit properly and comfortably in any place!


We all want a handheld, lightweight steamer with some power. Nowadays standard is between 500-850W, so a fabric steamer with 850w will be perfect for anyone and all situations. 850W of power will be enough to get rid of 100% of the annoying wrinkles -even the worst one that doesn’t come out easily-

Just turn the handheld steamer on and you will see how everything disappears in a matter of second. All fabrics and clothes will be fixed as an art of magic and even curtains!

A powerful steamer like Turbo Steam is powerful enough to get rid of wrinkles. It features a delicate nozzle and controlled temperature to preserve your fabrics’ softness. It takes just 45 seconds to heat up and generate steam and remove even the worst wrinkles in any of your steaming needs.

Safety and quality

All of our devices –not only our clothes steamer– have to be safe and meet international regulations to ensure our lives. A fabric steamer is a safe device to use, as one of the many others we already have in our homes.

Turbo Steam is one of the safest and delicate steamers that you can get for your silk, cotton, or whatever. In fact, Turbo Steam is one of the only steamers with plenty of power that never damages your fabrics. Exceeds of heat and low-quality nozzles can damage your fabrics really quickly, but excellence is granted with every Turbo Steam‘ part.

A handheld steamer will be always 100% safe for all your fabrics, there is nothing to worry about. You can have the peace of mind of not damaging your favorite clothing ever.

Higher value doesn’t mean higher quality

What about if I told you a higher value doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality?

Well, that happens all the time and paying more is not translated into getting more. What does matter is the effectiveness; quality and overall review of users who have already use the product and know how it performs. So, we need to focus on popular and overall positively reviewed products rather than on expensive steamers. We can get the same exact results from a cheaper fabric steamer and save tons of money.

Features are of the things that add in the final price. Yes, they can be really helpful and cutting-edge, but sometimes they are useless and too expensive.

Automatic shut-off

From a safety point of view and convenience, many affordable handheld fabric steamers have an automatic shut-off feature. Turbo Steam has a cutting-edge sensor that detects when you have done using it to turn itself off when it not on use.

Large capacity water tank

Steam is produced by water, so having a large tank of water may give us lots of uses in our best fabric steamer. While we are abroad and on a rush trying to get into a place as fast as you can, you don’t want to lost time filling the tank every time. So, the standard for a high-quality steamer is a water tank is at least 100 ml.

Turbo Steam has a dual flow system with a 120ml tank of water to ensure you have enough water for all your steaming needs.

A Steamer or an Iron?

Both are our way to go when it comes to making some wrinkles disappear and that’s why you need to know the difference. In fact, they are used for the same exact purpose, but they are different and have their own pros and cons:


An iron is probably the oldest method to keep our wardrobe wrinkle-free. It’s a handheld device that works transferring heat from its flat, almost triangular shaped surface directly on to a garment. The garment is sited on the ironing board. Then, the heated piece of the iron presses the clothing material flat under its hot plate.


  • Irons are great to use on smooth and big surfaces.
  • Better results for particular fabrics like Pima cotton and twill.
  • Versatile as it can steam any kind of clothing requiring crease.


  • Irons are particularly bad on surfaces like sleeves, ruffles, and pleats. A fabric steamer is equally effective in any part of the clothing.
  • Irons are not the fastest way to get rid of wrinkles as they last an eternity heating up. A steamer like Turbo Steam only last 45 seconds heating up.
  • Irons are heavy and uncomfortable. You cannot compare it with a lightweight clothes steamer.
  • Ironing needs a sturdy board; it requires an extra expense which is buying one and space. Most people don’t have space for an ironing board.

We can put the pros and cons of a traditional iron in a balance and it will be defeated by a cutting-edge, portable and efficient steamer. From all point of views, there is no better way to get rid of wrinkles from your clothing than with a steamer.

It’s easier to use, it heats up quicker, and you need extra equipment not space like an ironing board. There is no way around an iron can beat up a garment steamer.

How to Use Turbo Steam to Get Rid of All Wrinkles

Our entire outfit can be ruined just with the presence of some wrinkles. That’s some kind of curse you can easily get rid of thanks to a reliable, powerful and lightweight steamer like Turbo Steam. However, getting clothes 100% wrinkle-free is not what we are talking about. We want to teach you how easy and simple is using a device like Turbo Steam.

Something is sure, its lightweight body of just 1,1 pounds will make you steam all your clothes in a breeze without feeling any fatigue.

Let’s take a look at how to use it properly:

  • The first step is unscrewing the nozzle head and fill the tank with water and then screw it back.
  • Then, plug your Turbo Steam to the nearest output and push the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. It should take less than 45 seconds on getting its indicator light turned on and be ready to use.
  • Place the steamer nozzle close to the wrinkles you want to get rid of from your fabric. Make sure the steam is directly hitting the wrinkles to get the most out of your steamer. Remember to not tilt your steamer beyond 45-degree angle!
  • Don’t worry about running out of water. The steamer will reset automatically. The indicator light will remain ON as long as you want to continue steaming, so if you want to refill with water, turn it OFF and then turn it back ON.
  • When all the wrinkles have gone, then you can turn OFF the steamer and carefully unplug it from the outlet.

How to Treat your Steamer

Our fabric steamer is one of the most powerful, compact-size and reliable products you can get in the market. There are some details you need know prior using -not only this garment steamer- any steamer:

  • You should never hold your Turbo Steam upside down, the water will spill from the top and you can probably damage your steamer.
  • You cannot tilt your steamer past a 45-degree angle because water won’t be used by the handheld steamer properly.
  • Never use your Turbo Steam on clothes you are wearing, that’s dangerous and can damage your skin due exceed of heat produced by steam.
  • The best way to use a steamer is simply using it while the clothes we want to get rid wrinkles are hanging from a hanger.

Turbo Steamer is a trustworthy steamer with a dual flow system that will make your clothes 100% wrinkle-free. It doesn’t damage fabrics, regardless of how delicate it is. And has an automatic shut-off feature that will turn off the handheld steamer when its sensor detects you are not using it.

It’s totally safe to use and that’s why thousands of household and travelers are buying garment steamers like Turbo Steam.

If you respect these basic rules, you should be getting a steamer that will last for many years. The list above is the things you don’t want to do if you want to preserve your clothes steamer for the rest of your life.


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