Should I Buy a Fabric Steamer or a Clothes Iron?

You have been probably looking all day on Google on what are the best ways to get rid of wrinkles from any kind of fabric. Then, you have come to the right place because we are going to tell you what direction take and how to buy the best steam irons in the market.

By the way, there is no such a thing as the perfect product. Even though clothes steamers are more versatile, convenient and (in 95% of the time) better for combating against creases from all fabrics, people still buy steam irons.

That’s because steam irons are still on demand, they are somewhat the dinosaur on the laundry but they still keep up having a place.

We know it is a tough decision, and that’s why we have simplified things for you:

Who needs to buy a fabric steamer?

If you like comfortableness:

No one can deny the fact that using a clothes steamer for extended period of time is comfortable. Something you cannot definitely say as well about steam irons, which are comfortable the first minutes but they become even painful after some time. So, if you are looking for a handheld device that is not going to make you tired after a while and turn a painful experience into an enjoyable experience, then you should look no further.

If you like simplicity:

Steaming clothes is one of the most simples process and definitely something easy compared to ironing your clothing. As ironing needs skill and energy to press the creases into iron table to make them disappear, steaming just need a couple seconds shooting steam through its head nozzle to make all wrinkles disappear with the same quality and efficiency. It’s as simple as pointing your steamer to the wrinkles you want, and they will be gone in a matter of seconds. It’s the exact same principle as the ironing, but most effective and quicker.

If you don’t like harming your fabrics:

As you probably know, heat is #1 enemy to all kind of fabrics. Well, they are best friends, but when the heat is too much and aggressively distributed through the fabric’ surface, the harm may make your heart stop. That’s exactly what happens when you leave your steam irons posing on your fabric for some extra seconds. What would happen? A roasted smell of fabric and a damaged garment! A steamer won’t harm your fabric, even if you leave it all day shooting steam to your most delicate fabric.

If you like something versatile:

You cannot simply take any kind of fabric and iron it until it’s completely wrinkle free. Why? Because all fabrics are different, there are rough almost indestructible fabrics and delicate fabrics such as silk. If you don’t carefully iron them, you will screw them quickly because delicate fabrics are really vulnerable to heat. So, what it’s the solution? Easy, a handheld device that will shoot every fabric without harming them: a steamer. It doesn’t matter the day, the fabric or the amount of garment, a steamer is always the best option for any day and fabric.

A cheap product:

Steamers are not even close to being overpriced products, like steam irons for example. Sometimes, you can even buy a steamer for yourself and for your friend with the same money you would buy a steam iron. So, in terms of price-value, a steamer seems like a really good deal you can’t miss out. Steamers are cheaper and they are cheaper to maintenance too, so you will be having an overall well-rounded product for an even better price. Win-win for you.

Multi-function product:

Let’s be honest, what kind of use do have steam irons after they have ironed all the garments in your house? Nothing, that will sit forever and you will probably never use it again. However, the steamer offers you a wide range of indirect uses that are not intended, but they are convenient. People find that a handheld device shooting steam would be convenient for treating mold, treating acne in their faces and something using the steam for all kind of possible uses.

Something to carry everywhere:

Steamers were initially launched to provide assistant to travelers within their journeys. As you can tell, a laundry overseas is an expensive service not many people can take. In fact, some people even packed their heavy and clumsy steam irons all around the globe in order to get rid of those inevitable wrinkles that appear during out trip. (Especially those formed in the luggage) A steamer is a lightweight, compact and convenient handheld device that will allow you to steam your clothing regardless of where you going. They fit everywhere, in every backpack, purse or luggage.

If you like taking a step towards future:

We are always innovating and changing the way we do things, even getting rid of wrinkles. You would be taking some steps in the future as this is one of the most demanded products of any household all around the globe. Innovations leads to convenience, comfortableness and efficiency, and you don’t want to be left apart. Do you want to improve you quality life, and thus saving resources? You should take a steamer and don’t look back.

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Who needs to buy steam irons?

There are two types of irons, those who everyone knows that doesn’t work with steam and steam irons that shoot steam. They are different, but they can both harm your fabrics if you are not careful, do you want to know if you are the kind of guy who would buy steam irons? Let’s take a look:

If you are an old-fashioned guy:

There is nothing wrong with doing old-scroll things, like ironing garment and clothing. Some people like the tradition, the culture and everything about doing things like our parents and even grandparents did. Even though steamers are more efficient, some people cannot just throw their irons away and adapt to newer and better alternatives. At the end of the day, ironing is a cool activity, at least for some weirdos. If you are one, and you like to struggle and stick with the traditions, then you should choose steam irons.

If you need a powerhouse:

For laundries and even some big houses, a handheld device such as a steamer won’t be enough and they will be a slow down to your normal ironing habits. Which means you will be getting better results and quicker if you are working heavy loads of clothing and garment every single day. So, if you are busy trying to get that wrinkle-free closet, then you will be better off with an iron.

If you don’t want to waste money:

What is really important is getting things done, and steam irons will make all wrinkles disappear. So, if you don’t want to waste money because you already have an iron, then you should stick with your iron. If you don’t have an iron and you are choosing between an iron and a steamer, the decision is easy; choose the steamer! However, if you don’t have money, that’s okay, an iron will make the job done.

Do steam cleaners remove mold from carpet?

Garment steamers have become so popular not just because they get rid of wrinkles faster, easier and without doing any harm even to the most delicate fabric. In fact, they are more than popular; they are becoming a must-have in any household because steamers offer a wide range of features that you won’t find in any iron.

All garment steamers are exclusively built to steam garment, but they can be used nonetheless for a bunch of things, such cleaning and removing mold from carpet.

1. Inspect the carpet.

If the mold hasn’t reached the backing at the base of the carpet, then you can restore it easily without hiring a professional cleaner.

2. Ventilate the room.

Open all windows and doors located in the room with the moldy carpet. Let the air flow pass through the room to reduce humidity, lessen odors and ventilate the room.

3. Use your steamer on the carpet:

Apply for several minutes a gentle amount of steam directly in the carpet, as it can be effective to removing persistent mold and will dry your carpet quickly.

4. Put the carpet to the sun (if possible):

It would be nice if you could take the carpet outside and exposed it to the sun for at least some hours. This will kill mold spores and remove moisture.

5. Apply baking soda:

Baking soda is fantastic to help reducing the moisture in any surface by absorbing moisture and reduce odors.

6. Replace if it’s necessary:

Mold can eat everything and ruin your precious carpet. If you have treated it and you won’t see results, then it’s time to replace the part of carpet that you couldn’t repair.


How to remove wrinkles from a tutu

Your little princess’ tutu is full of wrinkles everywhere?  Don’t panic, we know our little children are everything for us and that’s why we have created a guide on to remove wrinkles from a tutu.

This is one of the most asked questions in the community. And again, don’t panic, you can easily make all wrinkles disappear in a matter of seconds:

1. Hang the tulle on a hanger:

The first step is preparing the tulle, so in order to smooth the tulle on a dress, hang it on a hanger.

2. Place the hanger somewhere:

Find any doorknob, chair or a place when you can hang your dress, but ensure steam can circulate around the tulle.

3. Prepare your steamer:

Pour water into the water tank of your steamer and heat the steamer for a minute.

4. Point the steamer nozzle at the wrinkles.

Once it is heated, it’s time to point in the direction wrinkles are and use it 1 to 2 inches away from the fabric. Keep moving and you will see how every wrinkle disappear in a matter of seconds.

Depending of the wrinkles tulle, you will have to probably hover the steam over it for a few seconds.

As you can tell, a steamer is the perfect device to make all kind of wrinkles disappear, regardless of where the wrinkles are locate and the fabric they in. Steam gently relaxes the inner fiber of fabrics to make them back to its original form.


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