How People Use a Clothes Steamer to Save up Time

How to Use a Clothes Steamer (The Right Way)

It is not a secret; ironing is staying behind as new tendencies are popping up.

A clothes steamer is proving why technology is making our lives even easier in our day-to-day, and that includes getting rid of the terrible wrinkles that our clothes may have during laundry or worn out. If you did not know it, a clothes steamer is one of the easiest ways to remove wrinkles from all kind of fabrics.

These are one of the reasons you might prefer to switch garment steamer over a traditional iron:

Saves you time

If you have ironed a shirt in some point in your life, then you know how hard and time-demanding it’s to make all wrinkles disappear and make that shirt look evenly smooth everywhere.

When you iron any kind of fabric, you need to be careful in not making contact with part of the fabrics that are not wrinkled at all. If you touch a smooth zone with the hot surface, you will screw it up and leave some wrinkles all over the place.  Ironing all over again is not funny and time-consuming.

In addition, in order to iron every kind of fabric properly, we’d need to an ironing board or at least a robust table. Preparing all the necessary room to unfold the table or the robust table requires lots of time. Something clothes steamers have left in the past, as steamers work with fabric hung by clothespins.

So let’s re-think about it for a second: We are saving time with equipment, by simplifying the process and saving time with the efficient steam attacking wrinkles vs the iron.

The technology which every clothes steamer has been a grant to is capable of relaxing the inner fibers inside all type of fabrics. Acting deep inside on them and have their original position and making all the wrinkles disappear.

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It’s funnier and cooler 

Ironing is easily one of the most stressful tasks on any household. That’s arguably the most hated process of any laundry process and that’s the reason why millions of people across the world pay exclusively to get their clothes wrinkle-free. In fact, you must know at least one person paying someone else to iron their clothes.

Getting rid of wrinkles has never been so easy and funny because a handheld device shooting up steam through its nozzle is way funnier than just moving back & forth the heavy and clumsy iron.

Something people will love the most about steaming their clothes is the fact you and your clothes cannot get burn due the heat production. You will feel the heat, but it won’t be enough to harm you nor your clothes, so it’s a game changer.

The heat produced by any clothes steamer is subtle enough to relax the inner fibers of your clothing and leaving them completely wrinkle-free without making any harm. Even the most delicate fabrics are not susceptible to heat produced by steam, but there are some exceptions. (Especially plastic fabrics, watch out)

A steamer is more portable

One of the main features and why a clothes steamer has substituted a traditional iron is due portability.

Clothes steamers were created to originally suit all people needs when traveling. As we constantly travel and our clothes get wrinkles, looking for a laundry or iron in the middle of nowhere or a strange city seems unpractical. Well, the market is always creating solutions for us, and the solution to unpractical situations like these was a portable and convenient garment steamer.

In fact, regardless of the brand, capacity, power and all those fancy specifications, any garment steamer will fit in your purse, backpack and even luggage. They are compact and designed to be portable, so you can carry it with you every time, no matter where you going.

Of course, you can carry an iron with you during your trip, but I bet you couldn’t do the same with the ironing table you need to make it work. In fact, ironing is an old-fashioned method that has no advantages at all.

In order to use your best clothes steamer, you only need water to fill the tank, plug in it and clothespin you can find in any hotel or accommodation. Easy, fast and convenient.

Cheaper than an iron

Yes, there are clothes steamers way more expensive than any other iron. But we are talking about fancy brands, models and needless features.

At the end of the day, if you want an excellent garment steamer with a huge price-value, then Turbo Steam is your best option, as it’s packed with all the power you need to make all wrinkles disappear regardless of the fabric and with a fantastic price tag.

It’s cheaper than a good and comfortable iron from known brands, and it ends up delivering better results overall. Fewer wrinkles, fewer efforts and less harm toward your fabrics, it seems like a no-brainer, right?

On top of that, you will be saving resources because you wouldn’t have to spend lots of money on a needless ironing board and so on.

After all these reason are you still hesitating about switching your iron for a clothes steamer? You must be nutts!

Stop Making Harm Toward your Fabrics

Did you even know that traditional irons may harm your fabrics if you don’t do it carefully? Yes, it’s not a secret that the hot temperature irons got while turned on may scorch and burn some inner fibers of your fabric.

In fact, an iron is a handheld device that transfers heat from its almost triangular shaped surface directly on to a garment. As you need to press the clothing against a flat material like a table with the heated part of your iron, you will provoke scorching, unlike steamers. That exact same hot surface may scorch your fabric if it’s on high temperature or if you accidentally leave your iron some seconds more sitting on your clothing.

By the other hand, clothes steamers have got a temperature control dial for many types of fabrics that will make all wrinkles disappear giving you peace of mind your clothes will be all right.

Steam by itself is incapable of doing any harm toward your fabrics (excepting for plastic ones), and that’s why many people prefer to buy a clothes steamer over an iron. It’s easier, more convenient and healthier for your fabrics.

Remember, you are paying way less than what you would pay if you choose a clothes steamer, plus you will be protecting your clothes and preventing them from getting scorch and you will increase its durability a few years more. Also, a steamer is lightweight and extremely portable.

Millions of households have switched for a steamer and have recycled their iron because once you have used a steamer; there is no way back to using a clumsy and heavy handheld device such as an iron.

How Does the Technology of Turbo Steam Works?

We’ve discussed almost everything regarding clothes steamers, but we haven’t discussed how the technology of Turbo Steam works…

As any other reliable and top-notch steamer in the market, Turbo Steam makes use of water as a primal resource of its steam. As you probably know, steam is made up with water, or at least the water turns into steam when it’s heated up to water’ boiling point –which is 100 degrees-

The water that will be turned into its gas phase –steam– will be poured into the water tank located at the top of Turbo Steam. Once it’s heated up, after 45 seconds it will be ready to emit steam through its head nozzle. The steam emits from its nozzle will be triggered by a button/switch located on the grip of Turbo Steam, pointing the desired wrinkle and make it disappear in a matter of seconds.

As you can tell, the functioning is straightforward. It’s basically heating up water, pressing the trigger and letting the steam do its work in a few seconds. A no-brainer, something virtually everybody may comprehend.

Turbo Steam and all clothes steamers work through electricity. That means you won’t find a portable steamer with batteries or something similar. All of them will be electrically powered, so every of them have to be plugged in in order to work. Steamers are pretty safe to use, whether it’s unplugged in it or using it to make your closet wrinkle-free. Even a child may use it without worries.

Is it a Clothes Steamer Dangerous?

The best part about a clothes steamer is probably its safeness to use, unlike ironing that may burn fabrics and even your fingers. It’s like some kind of weird tradition, if you have ironed once in your life, then you are more likely to have burnt yourself during an iron session. Only if you have been burnt by an iron, you know how dangerous and especially painful those kinds of burns may be.

So, many would be asking; is steaming safer than ironing?

Yup. In fact, it’s so safe to use that it’s almost impossible to get a burn from direct contact with the skin. The same happens with your fabrics.

Steaming doesn’t scorch your clothes. Remember that the max temperature output by Turbo Steam is 100 degree which is the boiling point of water. That temperature works deep down on the inner fibers of your garment, penetrating and relaxing the fibers to come back to its original position.

It’s 100% safe to use under any circumstance.

Only cases where Ironing is better than Steaming

You might be saying: ‘‘what? It’s no possible irons won’t be used anymore, that’s no fair!’’

It’s not fair, you are right and that’s true. Irons probably will exist forever due to the following reasons:

  • Irons are better for clothes with creases.
  • Irons are better on heavy-duty task.
  • Iron produces more heat, so it’s better on certain occasions.
  • As most of us, you have personal choices and tastes that guide your actions. You probably will find better/comfortable/convenient to use an iron with certain fabrics.                                                                           

How to Use a Steamer for Clothes Like a Pro

How to Use a Steamer for Clothes

You have probably got a steamer for clothes already, and if not and you are planning on substituting your old and harmful iron for a steamer for clothes. That’s a really good investment in the short and long-term.

You will see how eliminating all wrinkles is easier than you ever thought, and how to do it properly:

  1. Look at the fabrics you want to steam

Not all fabrics can be steamed, and that’s the first thing you need to know. What fabrics can you steam, and which cannot be steamed? Steam is probably the most effective and hassle-free method to remove all wrinkles from your fabrics, but there are some exceptions.

These are the fabrics you shouldn’t steam:

  • Waxed jackets
  • Suede
  • Plastic material.
  • Other material that may melt if heated.

Basically, the same fabrics you cannot steam with your steamer are the same as your iron cannot touch because it may damage them. However, all the fabrics that are not listed above can be steamed with a steamer for clothes without problems.

If you are not completely sure, then you can easily find out on the label of your clothing whether if your garment can be steamed or not. Fabrics label always advice what you should do, but a quick search on Google doesn’t harm anyone.

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Even though you can steam it, be careful

Labels and internet may be really informative, but we need to be aware of the risks of harm our clothes and act carefully. Steam goes deep down the inner fibers -which compound your fabric- and relax them to look fresh and smooth surface.

That’s doesn’t mean we will steam our garment without caring too much. That means a steamer for clothes may be less harmful to all kind of fabrics than ironing but doesn’t mean they are heat-proof. In fact, you can seriously harm your clothes if you keep your steamer pointing to the exact same fabrics for some minutes -especially with delicate fabrics-

  1. Prepare your steamer

In a way, steamers are pretty similar to irons -especially when they are being prepared to steam some fabrics– and that’s means you need to fill up with cold water the water tank on your steamer. However, prior starting to use the steamer, you must get sure all the compartments and parts are secured properly as they can provoke water leaking on your clothes while steaming.

Once you have filled up the water tank, it’s time to turn it on. Plug the steamer in the wall and wait until Turbo Steam heats –just 45 seconds- you will notice because you will see how it starts to produce steam by pulling the trigger.

Before using it directly on your clothes, make sure the temperature is okay and the steamer is producing a decent amount of steam by pulling the trigger on the handle and see how much steam is it creating.

  1. Take care of your delicate fabrics

Fabrics like silk, chiffon, velvet and even sheer must be treated with care if you don’t want to ruin them. However, taking care of your clothing is really easy, as you only need to keep a few inches of distance between your nozzle and the fabric.

Another trick is no overexposing the fabrics to the steam, never ever steam in one area for too long or you can harm your delicate fabrics. In addition, you can easily avoid damage on embellishments or prints by steaming the fabrics inside out.

  1. Hang all the garment

Immediately, to start steaming your clothes you need to know the best way to get out the most of your steamer is by hanging every single piece of clothing. Turbo Steam is an amazing steamer for clothes that can get rid of all wrinkles on a matter of seconds, but use whatever you want to keep them hang.

It may be either your shower rob, the back of a chair, the table or even a door knob. It doesn’t matter where is going to be hang, what does matter if keep them hang during the entire process to ensure amazing results.

  1. Proceed steaming the garment you want

Here is where we put out hand to work. Ironing consists in pressing the garment against something smooth like a table or an ironing table. However, steaming clothes is a completely different action as it removes the wrinkles by itself without needing to press the garment against anything.

Once it’s hot enough, start to steaming down your garments pressing the steam button/trigger every often to apply steam directly to the fabric. Do these in all the garments’ wrinkles and they will disappear in a matter of seconds.

  1. Let the steamed garment dry

It’s really common for your garment to end up a little damp, with probably small water spots all across the garment. Don’t worry about it, it’s totally normal and part of the process. You simply have to let them dry for 10-15 minutes, but don’t put in on or hang it until it’s totally dry.

How to get rid of all wrinkles in a matter of seconds

Getting rid of all wrinkles has never become so easy thanks to the technology we found on any steamer for clothes. Steam has changed the way we remove wrinkles from all kind of fabrics, from the heaviest one to the most dedicated fabrics.

Although ironing is by far, the most common way people use to remove all kind of wrinkles from their clothes. However, tendencies are about to change because there is no single aspect which ironing is better than a steamer for clothes.

Let’s take a look at each method:


Guess what? Ironing is harming your fabrics, or at least most of them because exceed of heat may harm your inner fibers on your clothing. Remember, ironing also make use of its almost triangle shape doing direct contact on any fabrics’ surface. While steamers apply the same heat but in form of steam which relaxes the inner fibers and eliminates wrinkles in a few seconds.

In addition, getting rid of wrinkles is far way more difficult with iron than a steamer. Why? That’s because you need to get rid of every wrinkle by manually ironing the whole surface.

If you are doing this simple process wrong, then you will be creating new wrinkles with the heat easily spreading on the clothing.

As the iron is hot and is making direct contact with the fabric, any involuntary movement will create new wrinkles. That’s probably the first times of everybody and developing that experience and ability takes times. So, you will have to practice in order to iron your clothes properly.

Steam: steamers for clothes

By the other hand, we’ve got steamers for clothes as one of the best and most comfortable handheld devices to remove all wrinkles from any fabrics. Unlike ironing, using a steamer for clothes is beneficial for your fabrics, rather than harmful. In fact, steam has proof it’s one of the fastest and healthy ways to get rid of wrinkles, even on silk.

Steam is basically heated water. That’s how we describe this technology; a handheld device you can use to warm up water and make it steam. That steam is unable to make any damage to your fabrics, as it penetrates deep on them and relaxed the inner fibers on which fabrics are made of. All the steam produced by water will be expelled through nozzles that will distribute the heat directly on the wrinkle and make it disappear in some seconds.

This technology eliminates the problem present when we are ironing. Involuntary movements make other wrinkles appear, and accomplish that fresh and totally wrinkle-free look becomes impossible. Steam, fortunately, doesn’t need to be directly applied, as it can be applied from several centimeters away from the fabric. This avoids creating new wrinkles and will make your clothes look like new.

The steam will be applied directly on the desired wrinkle, it has to disappear in a few seconds, and that’s something you cannot do on an iron without screwing up the surrounding area.

Basically, a steamer for clothes will make you save tons of time, as you don’t need to iron the entire fabric to make it look fresh and wrinkle-free.

That’s the reason why professional keep all kind of fabrics wrinkle-free without sacrificing most of their time. There are reasons why commercials and business don’t use an iron anymore and started to use a steamer for clothes:

  1. It makes their employees save time and get rid of more wrinkles on many more clothes.
  2. Less stressful, as a steamer is way faster and simple to use.
  3. It doesn’t harm fabrics, especially the delicate ones like silk.
  4. Reduce the burns caused by the extremely hot iron’ surface.
  5. It’s more lightweight and comfortable than the traditional iron.

The perfect temperature for all fabrics

Another thing that makes steamer for clothes a better deal than iron is the fact of a temperature dial for different fabrics types. Although modern irons have this feature, most of them are still scorching and flattering several types of fabrics.

Whether you need a max temperature of 100 degrees or even 200 degrees, it doesn’t matter because a steamer for clothes is capable of controlling the temperature you want to steam your clothes.

It will depend solely on the type of fabric you are steaming.

What should I use: Portable or commercial steamer for clothes?

At the end of the day, the decision will be based on your needs, the use you want for your new steamer for clothes and the amount of money you want to spend.

The portable ones, like Turbo Steam, are cheaper than their oldest brothers. These big brothers are used on business and big household where it’s a need a heavy duty tool. That’s why people choose portable over commercial steamer for clothes.


  • They are as it name suggests portable. They fit in most of backpacks, purses, and luggage. Their lightweight built to make them perfect to be carried all over the globe and keep your clothes wrinkle-free at any time.
  • They are cheaper.
  • They are more versatile, as they can be used while traveling and in your home with your family.


  • Commercial steamers for clothes are especially advised in business, laundries and commercial uses. If you need a heavy-duty tool, there is nothing better than a commercial steamer.
  • They are more effective. Usually the steam production is greater and of course, its components are more all-round.


What is a Steamer and How Can It Make My Life Easier

What is a Steamer and How Can It Make My Life Easier

Are you looking for ways to make all the wrinkles disappear regardless of how bad they are? A steamer is a handheld device also known as garment steamer or clothes steamer. Even though people use steamers in the kitchen to cook their meals, we are going to talk about those we use to get rid of wrinkles on our clothes thanks to the steam technology.

For many years, steaming your clothes has been one of the most annoying and boring activities in any house. In fact, most people prefer to pay for expensive laundries and even pay to someone else to come home to iron your clothes.

Well, that’s something that will remain in the past because of the steam is one of the easier and yet effortless ways to make all your wrinkles disappear. A steamer will make all wrinkles disappear from all kind of fabrics and garments, with the use of high-temperature steam.

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How a steamer does works?

The working principle behind of a clothes steamer is simple but effective. Once you turn on your device, it must get hot prior using it on your clothing. After some seconds, it has to be ready to use and provide some hot steam that will penetrate deep into the fabrics and thus, relaxing inner fibers to make wrinkles disappear quicker than ironing.

As the steam penetrates deep inside the fabrics, your clothes will be in pristine condition, removing all wrinkles and imperfections is just a matter of seconds.

Also, steam has become one of the easier and preferred ways to get rid of wrinkles because it works amazing on most of fabrics. Even for heavier materials.

Sizes of Steamers

The market is massive, so as we can find vehicles for all kinds, forms, and sizes, the same happens with clothes steamers.

They are available in almost all kind of imaginable sizes; of course, none of them has a compact-size as Turbo Steam. However, there is no best steamer in the market, they are all different and may work differently for some people.

Compact-size steamers

Let’s suppose you are looking for a clothes steamer to make your wrinkles disappear when traveling because luggage ruins our clothing, right? Then, the best bet will be a compact-size steamer like Turbo Steam.

Turbo Steam has an incredible and convenient compact-size that allows it to fit in most of the purses, luggage, and even backpacks. As you will be traveling, you need something convenient, comfortable and effective to get rid of wrinkles in the first second you take your clothes out of your luggage.

Compact-size steamers are recommended for any kind of household looking for a comfortable and immediate way to get rid of wrinkles from all kind of fabrics and garment. However, they are not recommended for heavy duties, like a huge family or a constant use of it.

In addition, they are super cheap compared to bigger options like a commercial and small business steamer. However, these compact handheld devices lack the same power and effectiveness of its oldest brothers.

Commercial or small business steamers

These kinds of steamers are designed to be used on a daily basis and on heavy duties like laundries and households with big families. They are easily noticeable because most of them are as big as any other cleaning device as a vacuum or similar. Yes, they are another level of power and convenience but just in extreme cases like a business or big families.

It does have more power than a handheld device, but it’s not at comfortable, convenient and hassle-free as a compact-size steamer like Turbo Steam.

Why? Because I find really uncomfortable and not convenient the fact of bringing in, huge devices like a vacuum to get rid of some wrinkles before heading to work. I don’t know, it sounds uncomfortable and a pain experience overall.

They are completely useless if you are looking for a device you can carry on with you all time. It is unnecessary no explain this point because I don’t find any viable way to make a commercial or small business steamer fit on a luggage or even backpack.

Ironing vs steaming; which is better?

Let’s put this simply: If you have a ton pile of clothing like a mountain, then ironing will be probably the best way to do it. However, we have proven so many negative aspects about ironing you cannot neglect and one of those is the damage present in fabric after ironing –especially delicate fabrics like silk-

Therefore, 99% of the time you would like to steam your clothes rather than ironing them. These are considerable amount of reason why you wouldn’t like ironing your entire closet:

  • Ironing damages your fabrics: Ironing is specifically harmful to delicate fabrics such as silk an others similar. Even some fabrics could get damaged if you let your iron sitting some extra second on any fabric. Let alone heavier fabrics, if you make one mistake and you let your iron on any fabrics, you will burn it.
  • Ironing is not as effective: Steam penetrates deep in the fabrics relaxing the inner fibers and it makes wrinkles disappear in a few seconds. Ironing is not as effective, as you need to iron the same part of the fabric a few times until making that wrinkle disappear.
  • Ironing makes you worn out quickly: It is not a secret, any commercial iron is really heavy, even more, if it’s filled out completely with water. Just imagine dragging that heavy device back and forth for hours, I bet you will be tired in a few minutes. A tank full of water, back and forth movement and a heavy device that’s not getting rid of wrinkles hassle-free!
  • Ironing is not consistent: If you have ever ironed in your life, then chances are you know how painful and stressing it’s to get a good final result. Ironing is hard and leaving your clothes like shirts and pants all wrinkles-free is tough because each time you iron a part of the fabric, another part got ruined.
  • Ironing is odd, and old-fashioned: Once you have tested a steamer personally, there is no way back to ironing again. Old-fashioned things are okay, people are in love with things that have more age than them. But, you need to step hard and start steaming your clothing for maximum results and supreme comfortableness.

How do I Buy a Garment Steamer?

Buying your steamer has never been so easy.

The first thing you need to know is exactly what kind of use you are intended to give your steamer.

Is it for you and while travelling abroad? Then, a compact-size but powerful steamer like Turbo Steam is all you need. Our backpack will be the transportation of our steamer, that’s why you need a portable, but reliable steamer leaving you wrinkle-free.

Is it for your house and tons of clothes? If you never worry about getting wrinkles while traveling, then your worries are at your house. In a big family, tons of clothes is the day-to-day for many householders and a commercial steamer will make your life easier –and that pile of wrinkled clothes disappears-

Another hint is having the best brands on your options. That way you will be sure you are getting a reliable product from a trustworthy company.

Features of a steamer

A steamer is compound by a set of parts that help you when getting rid of wrinkles. Each one of these parts, are essential for the basic functioning of your steamer and you need to make sure your next steamer have them all:

  • Temperature dial: A basic feature of any steamer is a temperature dial that allows you to control the exact temperature you need for any specific fabric type. Hotter for the heaviest fabrics and not so hot for delicate fabrics such as silk.
  • Steam nozzle: The nozzle is one of the most important yet neglected parts of any steamer. It needs to be high-quality to avoid any damage to your fabrics and needs to have a hair comb to reduce the friction.
  • Water Tank: Any steamer must have a water tank, that’s a no-brainer because without water there won’t be steam. A 100 ml will make you steam your clothes for a while without running out of water.
  • Clothes hanger and pegs: This is not included on most of the steamer present in the market. However, it’s a good addition because you will expand your number of existent hanger and pegs. This is not essential, as you can grab some of them from your closet.

Traditionally, the first thing that crosses our mind when we are talking about getting rid of wrinkles is an iron.

That’s normal, traditions are meant to be kept and it’s a good culture to familiarize wrinkles with an iron. However, technology has made our life easier in every single aspect, from eating; paying our bills and even make those nasty wrinkles disappear.

The way technology has made our life easier when treating our clothing from wrinkles is through steam -an old friend that is well known in kitchens and beauty centers- Guess what? It’s not an innovative technology. In fact, it has been around for many decades but just now we are starting to pay attention to this amazing and hassle-free technology to keep our clothes and every kind of fabric tidy.

Conclusion: Ironing or Steaming?

When we are getting a new product or service, what we expect from it is making our life easier.

There is no point of wasting your valuable money on things you really don’t need. An iron is probably an item that you and many others don’t longer need because there are better options. A garment steamer will make you save at least half-time you spend ironing all your clothes.

The time you will save is just the tip of the iceberg.

A clothes steamer will make your clothes last longer, as it doesn’t harm the fabrics by avoiding the physical contact between the iron and the fabric. The temperature is lower and the steam production is way higher on a steamer, so all garments will be wrinkle-free in a matter of seconds.

The only reason why you wouldn’t buy a steamer is probably that you already have an iron or you don’t pretend on traveling soon.


How to Choose the Best Steamer in the Market

How to Choose the Best Steamer in the Market

If you are looking for an affordable, but reliable handheld fabric steamer in the market, you’ve got a bunch of different options. But, the best steamer has not competitors…

TurboSteam Handheld Steamer for Clothes & Fabrics – Multi-Use, 850W Powerful, Portable Travel Steamer & Sanitizer – 45s Fast Heat-up with Auto Turn-Off for Household Cleaning, Speedy Wrinkle Releas

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as of October 15, 2019 2:24 am


  • POWERFUL RESULTS - Most handheld steamers don't pack enough of a punch to really iron and clean clothes. But TurboSteam's handheld steamer for clothes always gets the job done! Our steamer combines impressive 850watt power with maximum efficiency to quickly remove even the worst wrinkles.
  • SAFE ON ALL FABRICS, EVEN SILK - Worried about damaging your clothes while removing their wrinkles? No need to fear when you have the TurboSteam mini steamer in hand! It's 100% safe on all fabrics, including, but not limited to silk, cotton, polyester, delicate items, wool, curtains, bedding, and much more!
  • EASY ON, EASY OFF - We know laundry gets tedious. That's why our iron steamers are ready to use within 45 seconds. Plus, each steamer comes with a built-in sensor that detects when it's not in use and shuts off the steamer automatically! Save time and energy while ensuring safe usage with our auto-off feature.
  • HOME & AWAY - Whether you're in the comfort of your own home or a busy traveler out on the road, TurboSteam works wherever you are! Your lightweight steamer for cleaning is compact and lightweight for packable portability you'll be able to take everywhere.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! - For our patented design to quality customer service, at TurboSteam we want the very best for your and your fabrics. Your clothing steamer comes with a 36-month quality assured warranty, so you can release wrinkles AND stress!

Getting rid of wrinkles is one of the most annoying things when travelling. But a good steamer for clothes will fix this in a matter of seconds.

It’s hard at first to find an excellent product, with reliable support and rated positively amongst other users with an affordable price tag. However, finding a reliable and powerful steamer at a compelling price-value is possible. We are going to list down things you need to know to choose the best steamer for you:

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Let’s be honest, one of the hottest features of any fabric steamer in the market is how compact-sized and portable they are. Most of us use these things to travel abroad and locally, and they need to be durable. So, our next steamer needs to be as portable as any other thing in your luggage or backpack.

A handheld steamer weight standard’ nowadays is between 1-3 pounds. Just imagine carrying around with something heavier than that, it’d end up in a pain in our backs. So, remember that weight is one of the most important aspects of any clothes steamer.

Take the Turbo Steam as a consideration. It weighs just 1.1 pounds and it can be carried away in any travel bag, purse and even bag pack. Completely designed to fit properly and comfortably in any place!


We all want a handheld, lightweight steamer with some power. Nowadays standard is between 500-850W, so a fabric steamer with 850w will be perfect for anyone and all situations. 850W of power will be enough to get rid of 100% of the annoying wrinkles -even the worst one that doesn’t come out easily-

Just turn the handheld steamer on and you will see how everything disappears in a matter of second. All fabrics and clothes will be fixed as an art of magic and even curtains!

A powerful steamer like Turbo Steam is powerful enough to get rid of wrinkles. It features a delicate nozzle and controlled temperature to preserve your fabrics’ softness. It takes just 45 seconds to heat up and generate steam and remove even the worst wrinkles in any of your steaming needs.

Safety and quality

All of our devices –not only our clothes steamer– have to be safe and meet international regulations to ensure our lives. A fabric steamer is a safe device to use, as one of the many others we already have in our homes.

Turbo Steam is one of the safest and delicate steamers that you can get for your silk, cotton, or whatever. In fact, Turbo Steam is one of the only steamers with plenty of power that never damages your fabrics. Exceeds of heat and low-quality nozzles can damage your fabrics really quickly, but excellence is granted with every Turbo Steam‘ part.

A handheld steamer will be always 100% safe for all your fabrics, there is nothing to worry about. You can have the peace of mind of not damaging your favorite clothing ever.

Higher value doesn’t mean higher quality

What about if I told you a higher value doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality?

Well, that happens all the time and paying more is not translated into getting more. What does matter is the effectiveness; quality and overall review of users who have already use the product and know how it performs. So, we need to focus on popular and overall positively reviewed products rather than on expensive steamers. We can get the same exact results from a cheaper fabric steamer and save tons of money.

Features are of the things that add in the final price. Yes, they can be really helpful and cutting-edge, but sometimes they are useless and too expensive.

Automatic shut-off

From a safety point of view and convenience, many affordable handheld fabric steamers have an automatic shut-off feature. Turbo Steam has a cutting-edge sensor that detects when you have done using it to turn itself off when it not on use.

Large capacity water tank

Steam is produced by water, so having a large tank of water may give us lots of uses in our best fabric steamer. While we are abroad and on a rush trying to get into a place as fast as you can, you don’t want to lost time filling the tank every time. So, the standard for a high-quality steamer is a water tank is at least 100 ml.

Turbo Steam has a dual flow system with a 120ml tank of water to ensure you have enough water for all your steaming needs.

A Steamer or an Iron?

Both are our way to go when it comes to making some wrinkles disappear and that’s why you need to know the difference. In fact, they are used for the same exact purpose, but they are different and have their own pros and cons:


An iron is probably the oldest method to keep our wardrobe wrinkle-free. It’s a handheld device that works transferring heat from its flat, almost triangular shaped surface directly on to a garment. The garment is sited on the ironing board. Then, the heated piece of the iron presses the clothing material flat under its hot plate.


  • Irons are great to use on smooth and big surfaces.
  • Better results for particular fabrics like Pima cotton and twill.
  • Versatile as it can steam any kind of clothing requiring crease.


  • Irons are particularly bad on surfaces like sleeves, ruffles, and pleats. A fabric steamer is equally effective in any part of the clothing.
  • Irons are not the fastest way to get rid of wrinkles as they last an eternity heating up. A steamer like Turbo Steam only last 45 seconds heating up.
  • Irons are heavy and uncomfortable. You cannot compare it with a lightweight clothes steamer.
  • Ironing needs a sturdy board; it requires an extra expense which is buying one and space. Most people don’t have space for an ironing board.

We can put the pros and cons of a traditional iron in a balance and it will be defeated by a cutting-edge, portable and efficient steamer. From all point of views, there is no better way to get rid of wrinkles from your clothing than with a steamer.

It’s easier to use, it heats up quicker, and you need extra equipment not space like an ironing board. There is no way around an iron can beat up a garment steamer.

How to Use Turbo Steam to Get Rid of All Wrinkles

Our entire outfit can be ruined just with the presence of some wrinkles. That’s some kind of curse you can easily get rid of thanks to a reliable, powerful and lightweight steamer like Turbo Steam. However, getting clothes 100% wrinkle-free is not what we are talking about. We want to teach you how easy and simple is using a device like Turbo Steam.

Something is sure, its lightweight body of just 1,1 pounds will make you steam all your clothes in a breeze without feeling any fatigue.

Let’s take a look at how to use it properly:

  • The first step is unscrewing the nozzle head and fill the tank with water and then screw it back.
  • Then, plug your Turbo Steam to the nearest output and push the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. It should take less than 45 seconds on getting its indicator light turned on and be ready to use.
  • Place the steamer nozzle close to the wrinkles you want to get rid of from your fabric. Make sure the steam is directly hitting the wrinkles to get the most out of your steamer. Remember to not tilt your steamer beyond 45-degree angle!
  • Don’t worry about running out of water. The steamer will reset automatically. The indicator light will remain ON as long as you want to continue steaming, so if you want to refill with water, turn it OFF and then turn it back ON.
  • When all the wrinkles have gone, then you can turn OFF the steamer and carefully unplug it from the outlet.

How to Treat your Steamer

Our fabric steamer is one of the most powerful, compact-size and reliable products you can get in the market. There are some details you need know prior using -not only this garment steamer- any steamer:

  • You should never hold your Turbo Steam upside down, the water will spill from the top and you can probably damage your steamer.
  • You cannot tilt your steamer past a 45-degree angle because water won’t be used by the handheld steamer properly.
  • Never use your Turbo Steam on clothes you are wearing, that’s dangerous and can damage your skin due exceed of heat produced by steam.
  • The best way to use a steamer is simply using it while the clothes we want to get rid wrinkles are hanging from a hanger.

Turbo Steamer is a trustworthy steamer with a dual flow system that will make your clothes 100% wrinkle-free. It doesn’t damage fabrics, regardless of how delicate it is. And has an automatic shut-off feature that will turn off the handheld steamer when its sensor detects you are not using it.

It’s totally safe to use and that’s why thousands of household and travelers are buying garment steamers like Turbo Steam.

If you respect these basic rules, you should be getting a steamer that will last for many years. The list above is the things you don’t want to do if you want to preserve your clothes steamer for the rest of your life.