About Turbo Steam

Experience the most powerful handheld fabric steamer with Turbo Steam to efficiently remove wrinkles.

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Powerful & Easy To Handle

Our 850w handheld fabric steamer powerfully and quickly removes even the worst wrinkles from fabrics and clothes. Just turn it on and see the magic.

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Safe To Use

Our portable steamer is safe to use on silks, cotton, delicates, polyester, acrylic, wool, or any other fabric. Never damages your fabric.

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Super Compact To Carry

The Turbo Steam is the perfect travel steamer. It weighs just 1.1 pounds, and fits comfortably into a travel bag or purse!

Features of Turbo Steam

Turbo Steam is a powerful, yet portable, fabric and clothes steamer for all of your steaming needs as it easily distributes steam across the fabric to remove worst wrinkles.

Extremely Powerful

Get the full power of 850W while you're steaming your clothes, fabrics, curtains or anything to remove wrinkles.

Water Capacity

Our powerful steamer must has a large, 120ML water tank to ensure you get enough of water to complete all your wrinkle removing needs.

100% Safe For All Fabrics

The powerful and efficient streaming of the Turbo Steam is 100% safe for all the fabrics, clothes and can be used on any fabric without the fear of damaging it.

Quick & Fast Operation

Our efficient steamer takes only 45 seconds to get thoroughly heated and to start working at full power.

Automatic Shutoff

The Turbo Steam comes with a sensor that detects when you are not using it and turns off automatically when not in use.

Compact Sized

The compact sized Turbo Steam is just 1.1 pounds and can easily be carried and operated with just one hand.

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Turbo Steam Fabric Wrinkle Remover

Turbo Steam is a powerful, yet portable, fabric and clothes steamer for all of your steaming needs. Our Turbo Steam takes only 45 seconds to heat up and to start generating steam and its steam delivery system evenly distributes steam across fabrics to remove even the worst wrinkles.

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Small But Powerful

Our compact design ensures that Turbo Steam is easy to store and easy to carry. Take Turbo Steam with you on your trips to keep your clothes looking fresh and crisp. You won't have to worry about forgetting to turn off your Turbo Steam. Your unit will come with an automatic shut-off feature for your safety and peace of mind.

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How To Use Turbo Steam

Using our Turbo Steam Fabric Wrinkle Remover is super easy – it’s just 1 pound in weight and is heated in 45 seconds.

Always Be Careful

• Never hold your Turbo Steam upside down.
• Never tilt your Turbo Steam past a 45-degree angle.
• Never use your Turbo Steam on clothes that you are wearing.
• For best results, always use a clothes hanger to hang your items while steaming.

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Our Team

Our experienced technical team works around the clock to engineer products to make your life easier and more comfortable.